The Gospel

What Is The Gospel?

what is the gospel

If a fire truck comes screaming up to your house, it’s really good news. But only if your house is on fire. Otherwise, it’s a nuisance. If you receive the last dose of cancer medicine on Earth, it’s really good news. But only if your body is affected by the disease. Otherwise, it’s a colossal waste. And if you find a book of matches on the ground, it’s also really good news. But only if you’re lost in the woods and need to make a fire to keep from freezing. Otherwise, it’s not much of a find.

You see, good news is only good news in the context of bad news. So to understand the very best news of all, the gospel message, you have to know it begins with bad news.

You’re a sinner. So am I. Even if you’re what everyone else thinks of as a “good person,” you know your thoughts of arrogant pride, petty envy, and subtle selfishness. That’s still sin. And they’re a problem for you because even those “little” sins are deserving of the judgment of God.

Why? Because the governing attribute of God is His holiness. That’s what makes God loving. But it’s also what makes Him perfectly just and good. He would not be good if He did not judge sin – as it would not be good if there were no justice (consequences for crime) in our society. Sins are our crimes against God.

The bad news is really bad because, even on our best day, we cannot help but sin. On top of that, the just punishment for sin is eternal separation from God in hellish torment.

No amount of our good deeds can cancel out a single sin. His perfect justice will not allow Him to overlook any sin. And He will execute His justice on the day we die. He is our Creator and that makes us accountable to Him.

Pretty bleak, right? Any other problems we have pale in comparison.


God knows our predicament and He devised a genius solution. He sent His son, Jesus, to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Jesus lived in perfect obedience to the Father – sinless. And he willingly offered himself as a sacrifice on our behalf.

All the Father’s righteous judgment was poured out on His son as he hung on a cross of crucifixion. Jesus died physically so that we would not have to die spiritually.Jesus died physically so that we would not have to die spiritually. Click To Tweet And we know that Jesus’ sacrifice was accepted by the Father because He raised him from the grave.

Today, Jesus sits on his throne in glory.  If your heart is touched by what he’s accomplished for you, at such cost, pray to him a prayer of repentance and belief – trusting him for your salvation. When you do, the Holy Spirit will come to indwell you as both a Helper (to live a God-glorifying life) and as down-payment of the heavenly inheritance promised to all who will believe.

This is the gospel message of Jesus Christ revealed in the Scriptures.

what is the gospel