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Our Sweet Little Kitchenette Makeover

kitchenette makeover

This is the story of our sweet little kitchenette makeover.

As I shared when I told you about my dining room makeover, I had issues with some paint colors we inherited when we bought this house. In addition to the anger-inducing muddy orange of the dining room, I wasn’t thrilled about pea soup green in the kitchen that extends to the eating area. (Note: the “before” picture above was part of the realtor’s listing package for our house. The furnishings in the picture belong to the previous owners.)

I’ve lived with it so the little grands temporarily living with us (along with their parents) won’t be underfoot during a planned kitchen renovation which includes a new paint color on the walls. But living with it also meant living with those valences. They remind me of an old-timey striped circus tent. I glance at them and hear calliope music.

But a couple weeks ago I was browsing for fabric for another project when I came across THIS.

kitchenette makeover


Sometimes it's love at first sight when you see a certain fabric. #diningroommakeover #imadethis Click To TweetSometimes it’s love at first sight when you see a certain fabric. This one caught my eye because the botanical pattern is classic and feminine. Though the colors are bold (red, green, gold), they’re muted. And the large pattern repeat makes it great for hiding seams, if needed, in gathers.

I bought a yard of it thinking I’d use it for my smaller project. But when I got it home and put it on the kitchen table, I knew it needed to go in that room. I went back to the store and bought more of the fabric to make valances for a little kitchenette makeover. And voila! Here they are.

kitchenette makeover

You Might Also Notice

I made the valances larger than the ones I replaced and raised the curtain rod – about 10″. This is a decorating trick that makes the windows look much larger than they are.

In addition to the new valences, we swapped out the builder grade light fixture for an antique pendant fixture salvaged from an old department store in Iowa. It gives our little suburban house a bit of farmhouse feel.

Of course, the kitchen table, chairs, and bench are different than in the before picture because they’re ours. They weren’t brand new for this little area makeover. They were brand new 4 years and 2 houses ago.

The plates on the wall have a better scale than the too-small pictures the previous owners had there.  They also help with the color transition from the family room that adjoins the kitchenette. You’ll see that with this next picture.

kitchenette makeover

I’m finding it a lot easier to live with my pea soup green walls now that I’ve gotten rid of the circus valences. The new ones I made actually work with the wall color, though I’m still planning new paint when we finally renovate the kitchen. What can I say? I’m partial to light, buttery yellow (like the family room.) You just can’t be unhappy in a light, buttery yellow room!

Here’s the before and after side by side.

kitchenette makeover

What do you think? Would you have done something differently?