Christine O’Riordian, said that in the future, the world needs people who are mentally strong to run the lives of so peaceful and prosperous world. Six mental strength you have to instill this early on to your child so that he became a superior.

The first is Flexible. In the uncertain situation, the mentality of steel could still remain uneasy about the next step. Poise will give birth to an intelligent solution.

Second, the Quick Response. Even in stressful situations, steel minded people will be able to see the opportunities, challenges and needs around them.

Third, Focus. Mentally strong can make a person stay focused even when they have almost “lost”. They will continue to strive to provide the best up to the challenge resolved.

Fourth, courageous and ethical. Courage will make a person able to take difficult decisions. The mental steel will still think of ethics so that decisions do not harm others.

Fifth, Optimistic and able to admit mistakes. Realizing the mistake, admit it and devise corrective measures is the attitude that you should always teach your child.

And the Sixth, Sportive. The mental steel will face defeat with sportsmanship. Despite losing, they will remain “chin up” and “practice” harder to face the next battle.

Six mental strength is a future investment for parents and children themselves in particular and future investment for the nation and the state in general