Sexual Discrimination Is Good For Women

sexual discrimination

Written by: Jesse W. Smith

I heard sexual discrimination is good for women. I heard it, of all places, on the “Waking Up” podcast of prominent atheist Sam Harris. And, surprisingly, I agree with him.

Harris was conversing with psychologist and evolutionist Dr. Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto on the topic of the evolutionary roots of religion. Genetic fallacies aside, their discussion of the role of female selection in reproduction intrigued me.

They plainly admitted women ultimately hold the keys in determining which traits pass on to the next generation. This fact transcended cultures, religions, and species for millennia. Females are valued because of the power they hold over the propagation of the species.

Let me say here I’m not trying to demean women by implying they’re only good for pushing out babies. I borrow an evolutionary perspective to illustrate a point that cuts across the Christianese “feel-good” hype presented to women as the cure for their low self-esteem.

The message and modus operandi of the most radical strains of modern feminism is for women to “become” the insults in order to remove the insult’s effectiveness. Been slut-shamed? Be a slut and take that arrow out of the patriarchy’s quiver. Had an abortion? “Shout it!”

Problem is, amplifying it won’t make men’s puerile and demeaning overreactions go away. And doing so degrades women and their vital role.

What’s The Solution?

Instead of validating their catcalls by “taking the reins” of sexual power away from them via promiscuity, just stop putting out. Be abstinent until we guys get our act together. Anathema? Hear me out.

Women hold tremendous power, and that power isn’t just the bringing of life — that’s only the beginning. It’s what that ability brings with it: power to discriminate in reproduction. Sexual discrimination is good for women. And this brings me to my main point, ladies.

Stop letting loser men off the hook.

You might feel empowered sleeping around, but you're giving away the most important power you have. Click To Tweet You might feel empowered sleeping around, but you’re giving away the most important power you have. And it’s the reason so many of you (and as a result, the men around you) are unhappy. You’re giving up too easily!

Women, you have a honing effect on the men around you that cannot be achieved any other way. Because the strongest desire of the vast majority of males is sex, you hold all the cards. It’s a sad but inescapable fact that men will almost always choose the path of least resistance. Here’s an example:

It’s often said if you dress provocatively, you need to cover up because you cause men to stumble. While this is true, that has become a point that causes a gag reflex to most feminists. So let me put it another way: dressing provocatively gives away too much for free.

To put this as delicately and appropriately as I can, your body is an incredibly expensive tool you can use to instruct the men around you. Showing it off gives away too much for free. Instead, make the right one marry it!

why sexual discrimination is good

It is within that context that I will make the following statement: when you give in to men’s most basic need for sex without requiring anything of us, you are not being the women we need you to be. Not only do you hold the power to shape us into men of godly character, you hold the power to select the character of the future population of your society. You have the power to withhold reproduction from all but the most suitable partner.

Do not underestimate yourself. Your value goes well beyond your reproductive wiring. But make no mistake, that is a value unique to you, and that value is great!

To be perfectly clear, I am not condoning the withholding of sex within marriage as a power play. Nor am I suggesting that women be manipulative for the sake of getting their every whim. The context I’m referring to is the single’s dating scene. Once you choose a mate, you owe each other mutual submission.

The Good Effect of Sexual Discrimination

Ladies, we men need you to be mysterious and, to the extent that you’re able to make us shape up, you need to be hard-to-get. We say we don’t like it, and admittedly it isn’t fun in the moment, but honestly, we have way more respect for you than women who are dragging their powers of reproduction through the mud of radical feminist “empowerment” tactics.

Women could clean up about 80% of the problems in our society if you’d treat yourselves with the special dignity inherent within you. And I don’t mean that as a feel-good, throw-away, Christianese compliment. You are genuinely distinct from men in significant ways, not the least of which is that ability to make the men around you worthy of producing offspring with you.

Nothing approaches the ability of a woman to manipulate the male sex drive to a noble end. Click To TweetA man may have certain powers of engendering good character in a woman, but nothing approaches the ability of a woman to manipulate the male sex drive to a noble end. Sexual discrimination is good for women. But it’s also good for men.

Be the mysterious, dignified, beautiful person God intended. Your power isn’t in having the loudest voice in the culture wars. Nor is it the ability to stand out for your make-up or wardrobe skills.

It’s that quiet internal strength described by Peter: “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight”. Gentleness implies power harnessed for a purpose. Use that power well.

Jesse is a part-time youth minister, full-time FedEx driver. He lives with his beautiful wife Meredith and their dog, Cloey, in Spring Hill, Tennessee.