Money Management

Got Chinese Instructions?

They say you have to spend money to save money. But when you’re broke, the only option is to save money saving money. Sometimes that has unforseen consequences.

My daughter-in-law was excited to tell me she’d ordered a product on-line that would save her family from having to purchase a household cleaning staple for years to come. The options for this product ranged from  $15-$50. She ordered the affordable $15 model and waited for delivery from China.

When the product arrived, she was stunned to discover its packaging covered in Chinese characters. In the absence of any other product information, she assumed the operating instructions were included in the packaging text. (She was right.) But how to read Chinese instructions?

Fortunately, she’s married to a techy geek who quickly solved her problem. If you ever face the same issue when saving money trying to save money, here’s what you do…

  • Grab your smart phone and download the free Google Translate app.
  • Set the translate From→To setting at the top of the screen to Chinese→English.
  • Select the Download Offline Translation option.
  • When this download is complete, simply hover your smartphone in alignment with the packaging text and prepare to be amazed!

You’re reading it in English!

Why is this important? Because directions are important. If you didn’t read the directions for this particular product, you’d miss that it’s necessary to soak it in water for an hour prior to using it the first time.

There are several negative reviews on Amazon for this product and I suspect it’s because the unsatisfied customers didn’t read the directions first – assuming they couldn’t. Thankfully, that never has to happen to you.