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Product Review: Shimmer Lights Shampoo

I’ll be brief. This product will clean your hair and scalp. It may even brighten your blonde or gray hair, however gradually. But you won’t care because it smells horrific.

The makers (Clairol) seem not to have a clue anyone under 85 might use their product or have ever heard of a focus group. It smells like bad nursing home soap. And it’s not subtle. Between the sulfates and chlorides, there’s an ingredient listed as “parfum/fragrance”. But I can’t imagine it’s a “parfum” many women could appreciate.

I gutted out using half a bottle because my thrifty nature warred against wasting any utilitarian value. But the stench wore me down. I flung a half-full, 31.5 oz bottle in the trash. Don’t let this happen to you. Buy something that won’t make you wince the moment you get a whiff.