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Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is a lovely tradition for children to participate in. It exercises the “honor your mother” muscle – a muscle you want well-developed before they’re teenagers. So you want them to start as young as possible.

Problem is, toddlers don’t make breakfast by themselves. And many dads aren’t much better if the menu preparation involves an oven. Put the two together in your kitchen, what could go wrong? You don’t want to risk it. No mom wants to spend the next day cleaning up after their efforts.

So help them help you.

Five simple but delicious breakfast ideas that require no cooking at all or minimal microwave preparation. Click To TweetHere are five simple but delicious breakfast ideas that require no cooking at all or minimal microwave preparation. Pass them along to your Gru and his Minions. They’ll feel proud and accomplished to serve you such fine fare.

Pancakes & Fruit

These are store brand frozen Buttermilk Pancakes. The only prep they need is 2 minutes in the microwave. Serve with some fresh fruit. Easy peasy.

Donut Kabobs

It doesn’t get any simpler. These kabobs were made alternating glazed donut bites, strawberries, and chocolate mini-donuts on skewers. They look fancy – worthy of Mom.

breakfast in bed

Breakfast Parfait

For moms who like a lighter breakfast, this breakfast parfait is perfect. It’s made with low-fat Greek vanilla yogurt topped with protein granola & dark chocolate. Blackberries are a garnish bonus.

breakfast in bed

Breakfast Sandwich

A Jimmy Dean egg white/turkey sausage/cheese breakfast sandwich takes 2.5 minutes in the microwave. Open it up and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper – voila! Fills you up.

breakfast in bed

French Toast Bites

Pop 2 Eggo French Toaster Sticks in the toaster. Cut them into bite-size pieces and roll in a mix of sugar & cinnamon. Serve with her favorite syrup. (This is Bourbon flavored. Yum.)

breakfast in bed

There you have it! Five easy breakfasts young children can make, with Dad’s help, and serve to you with delighted faces flush with accomplishment. And no messy kitchen for anyone to clean. Happy Mother’s Day!

breakfast in bed   breakfast in bed