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Love Your Life – Bucket List 100 Challenge

bucket list

Women are busy. And most of us don’t have time for playing video games, or golf games, or other recreational diversions. We’re wrapped up in managing our households – caring for kids, planning and preparing meals, cleaning the house, laundry, shopping. Additionally, a lot of us work or homeschool on top of it all.

Although it’s the life we chose, falling into bed at night, we can feel like our life is hijacked by our responsibilities to others. And for all our productivity, we miss the joy in our day and the delight of discovery. What we once did with intentionality is now performed by rote. Worst of all, we fear tomorrow will simply be more of the same.

That’s not a great place to be in. We don’t want to brew up a stew of discouragement, discontent, and depression. Because that’s the place where selfish fantasies hatch – promising more than they deliver.

Now, being an adult is synonymous with bearing responsibilities. So you won’t hear me advocating some reactionary escape from them. However, I do have a solution for weaving ribbons of joy and discovery back into your daily routine.

Love Your Life Bucket List 100 Challenge

I’ve created a list of 100 things you can do to bring back your sense of living with intention. Here are three purposes, in random order, with examples:

  • Revive joy
    • take a grandparent on a “date”
    • play a practical joke (Google some)
    • watch 3 Brian Regan YouTube videos
  • Awaken physical senses
    • float on your back in a swimming pool
    • eat an apple like it was your first ever
    • hold someone’s hand
  • Promote growth through stretching just a bit beyond your comfort zone
    • smile at a grump aiming to make them smile back
    • give something to a homeless person
    • demonstrate patience in traffic

You can download a free, printable PDF of the entire 100 item list by clicking on the picture of it below.

bucket list

So much of life is out of our control but we don’t have to be joyless victims of our fate. Take the Love Your Life 100 Bucket List Challenge and weave the joy back in – intentionally.So much of life is out of our control but we don't have to be joyless victims of our fate. Click To Tweet

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bucket list