Indoor Date Ideas For Wintery Days

indoor date ideas

Need indoor date ideas because, Baby, it’s cold outside? I’ve got several.

I’m going to assume you’re not a knucklehead and knew bad weather was coming your way. So you have food in the house, the utility bill is paid up, and you haven’t picked a fight with your spouse. Really, that’s all you need to thrive when you need to be indoors on a wintery day. I’ll supply the creativity.

(If you’re stuck indoors with a spouse you absolutely can’t stand, you might want to read this.)

Double date from a distance.

Skype or Facetime with another couple and play a game like Speak Out, Charades, Telestrations, or Never Have I Ever. Modify as needed to accommodate playing remotely.If you don’t have any of these games (shame!) your friends probably do. That is, if they’re quality friends.

Spend 4 consecutive hours technology free.

No television. No phones. And no computer or i-anything. Also, no whining. Be an old-school happy camper and do what you would have done if you’d lived 100 years ago. Play card or board games. Complete a house project together you’ve been meaning to get to. Have real conversation (no airing of grievances, though.) If nothing else, in future years you’ll be able to reminisce about that partial winter day you spent without technology, and how barbaric it was, but you survived it together.You’ll be able to reminisce about that partial winter day you spent without technology, and how barbaric it was, but you survived it together. Click To Tweet

Create a dinner you could sell for $$$ but will actually eat yourselves.

Examine the contents of fridge, freezer, and pantry. Armed with the knowledge of this inventory, search for the 2 most decadent recipes you can make for entree and dessert. Add a low-maintenance veggie. Work together and prepare the meal to your favorite Sirius or Pandora station. Then, set the table and dine.

Take a virtual vacation.

Cozy up in front of a heat-generating source (fireplace/woodstove, space heater, or Yankee Candle if resources are sparse) and both of you download a documentary on your dream destination. If you can gnosh on ethnic food, all the better. But popcorn will do. Anyway, two trips for the price of none.

Eat your way through free samples at a big box store.

Remember, sticklers, I didn’t say you had to be in your indoors. Look at all the fun things in the middle of the store and the very shiny things under the glass cases – all the while giving the sample-hander-outers some business. It might be slow for them because everyone else is staying home.

Make a romantic attachment.

Literally. Take a hot shower or bath together. Give and receive your best 20-minute massages. Finally, have slow sex. Wintery days are perfect for keeping each other warm and happy. This is the best of the indoor date ideas. Hey, there’s a reason so many babies are born in October.

Now, just for a minute, don’t you feel sorry for people in Hawaii who never need indoor date ideas for wintery days? Poor folks.

indoor date ideas