There are five steps that can be done in the face of bad market: 

Arrange the right strategy before the market gets worse
If you want to invest in stocks, there are opportunities in the bearish market. You can buy high quality stocks when the stock market crashed. Find a company that will provide dividends in the near future. If you do not want to spend too much, invest gradually through stocks that give dividends after that you can get out.

Plan before you invest your money
Cash is never a ‘god’ before finally drop the exchange rate. But that does not mean you are not able to benefit from the money. Focus on short-term needs first, such as emergency funds, insurance expenses, tax bills and others. Avoid save money on insurance or banks that have exposure to Europe. Find low-interest bank deposits but safe.

Fatten your pension fund
Pension fund is not the annuity, but the more money you can make from the stock market. Do not stop investing just because the market is down. You can buy more shares so the index drop. Find good companies, not only in domestic market but are looking to developing countries. This is the best way to get a big profit.

Protect your assets
Do you have various kinds of insurance or a deposit for a house down payment that will be used in the near future? If so, there is no point you enter the capital market. Better concentration prior to the above. Better you look for housing loans (mortgages) with low-interest or insurance premiums that are not too big to secure your assets.

Be honest to your financial adviser
If you think the risk has begun to rise, you need to communicate with your financial adviser immediately. The most serious question is: how much you are prepared to lose? Is 10 percent, 20 percent or not at all? If you’re approaching retirement, ask your financial adviser to hedge against your stock portfolio when the market is falling.

Who can be trusted to protect you? Reliable advisers will listen to your concerns and aspirations. Actually, no matter what the situation if the market moves as financial advisors are working according to your wishes. If they do their job well, no longer need any term bullish or bearish.