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Fireplace Makeover

fireplace makeover

(This post is in partnership with Museum Trees – which provided product for review. As always, all opinions are strictly my own.)

Our recent farmhouse renovations included a fireplace makeover. Here’s what we started with.

fireplace makeover

It had its original 1970’s vibe and was begging for an update.

Now, you’d think this was a family room fireplace, no? No. This fireplace is in the master bedroom. It’s recessed between two clothes closets.

If the decision were entirely mine, I would have gotten rid of the fireplace altogether and used the space to join the small closets. But the financer of this renovation and the one who shares this room with me said he thought that was a terrible idea. Since it wasn’t a hill I was ready to die for, I was going to have to make the best of it.

Fireplace Makeover Design Decision

The key factor in deciding the direction of the fireplace makeover was my determination not to have competing focal points in the room. Click To TweetThe key factor in deciding the direction of the fireplace makeover was my determination not to have competing focal points in the room. I found bedding that I simply adored and wanted to be the focal point of the room. Here’s what I’ve ordered.

fireplace makeover

(Pinterest photo)

So the fireplace makeover was going to have to be subtle. I wanted it to be pretty, but not screaming for attention.

The first things to go were the fireplace implements. Next, I removed the wood quarter-round molding where the brick and drywall met and filled the gap with paintable caulk. After that, I removed the black blower vents and spray painted them cream-colored. Finally, I white-washed the brick with a 50/50 mix of ceiling paint and water. Because I still wanted some variation and interest to the brick, I rubbed the whitewash off some bricks and put a second coat on others.

To keep the fireplace makeover subtle, I chose minimal decorations. Above the mantle, I put a large mirror which you may recognize from a previous DIY project in a former house. And below the mantle, I placed two silk olive trees. The placement of the trees on the hearth draws the eye to the entire feature, not just the space above the mantle.

Fireplace Makeover Reveal

And here’s the finished outcome.

fireplace makeover

Now, side by side start to finish.

A word about the silk trees which were provided for this makeover by Museum Trees. I appreciate the quality of the pots and the attention to detail that make the trees life-like. The fruits are in various stages of maturity – green as well as black olives – and there are bits of green “moss” on top of the “dirt”.

I was initially concerned with the upright position of the branches which exposed only the underside of the leaves to view. But this was simply due to shipment conditions. A little adjustment of the branches to a natural position was all that was needed to alleviate my concern.

A fireplace in a room doesn’t have to be a visual bully. We’re happy with the subtle fireplace makeover which will keep the bedding the colorful focal point of the room. I hope it inspires you to give attention to something other than the fireplace in a room that has one.

fireplace makeover