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How To Keep Your House Clean Despite Dirty Paws

dirty dog doormat

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It hasn’t been much of a winter in Louisville so far. We’ve had a couple of dustings of snow that, I’ll bet, haven’t combined to an inch. But we’ve had rain. With grasses and gardens dormant, it’s easy for dogs to get dirty feet.

In a previous post, I recommended keeping a doormat by entrances as one way to keep mud from being tracked through your house by your dog. I knew there were specialty mats available for this purpose, but what I actually had at the time was a cheap, thin, too-small, sliding layer of fibers. As soon as I hit “publish” on that post, I took my own advice and upgraded to something that actually functioned.

I purchased Dog Gone Smart’s Dirty Dog Doormat from Amazon for $59.12. I’d never spent that much on a doormat in my life, but this doormat made big promises. And the reviews were pretty good.

The mats come in 3 sizes: 31″ X 20″, 35″ X 26″, and a runner that’s 60″ X 30″. And there’s a color choice of brown, gray, pacific blue, khaki, and maroon.

I purchased a brown runner. I was concerned mud would show too much on the light colors (gray, blue, and khaki.) One reviewer said the maroon mat turned her washing machine tub pink, so I eliminated that as a choice. I also wanted a rug big enough for my large dog to take 2 or 3 steps before he reached our oriental rug. I think this aspect is key. You can have a space-age product, but if your dog’s feet aren’t on it long enough, it can’t be effective.


I’ve had it for weeks now, and I’m very happy with it. The large nap does exactly what it’s supposed to do – pulls moisture, dirt, backyard sand, and leaf debris from between the dog’s feet pads. And the non-skid rubber backing keeps the mat from sliding all over. My hardwood floors and other rugs are noticeably cleaner!


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The Dirty Dog Doormat is machine washable, but I wouldn’t put it in the dryer to preserve the backing. If you get a dark-colored one, a shake outside will be enough to refresh it until you notice surface dirt.

I don’t expect any mat to get caked mud out of a dog’s paw and you shouldn’t either. But for everyday coming and going, this mat really works. *

* This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission for any purchase made via this link. I purchased the mat myself, use, and highly recommend it.

dirty dog doormat


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