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Coffee Creamer Chocolate Bundt Cake

coffee creamer chocolate bundt cake

It only took a little begging for me to get my dear friend, Twilah, to give up her mother’s famous triple chocolate bundt cake recipe. I love this cake because it doesn’t need frosting – the bag of chocolate chips in it sees to that. In fact, this cake doesn’t WANT frosting. I simply dust it with a bit of powdered sugar. And that’s just for looks.

The cake didn’t need improving, but as I was making it one day, I happened to be drinking a cup of coffee. Now, I drink my coffee with flavored coffee creamers or I don’t drink it at all. It pretty much has to taste like candy because I, apparently, have the taste buds of a 10-year old.

Anyway, the coffee creamer sitting on the counter caught my eye. I picked it up and substituted it for the water the original recipe called for. Turned out to be an act of pure genius if I do say so myself. (One of about only 3 or 4 in my life.) The extra flavor layer really takes this to the next level of cakehood. Click To Tweet

You can use any flavored creamer – and there’s a bunch to choose from – but my favorite is coconut creamer. Chocolate and coconut are a great combination. However, a close second favorite is the white chocolate raspberry creamer that comes out around Christmas time. Soooo good.

Try it! Make it for your family or bring it to a potluck – using the flavored coffee creamer of your choice – and you’re sure to get compliments. I always do!


coffee creamer chocolate bundt cake