Currently more diverse selection of investment properties. You can buy a house, store houses or apartments are increasingly proliferated. They all offer yields above 10% per year. Which one is right for investment vehicles?

Before you choose, you should consider the main thing, namely the capital you have, the easier it became clear capital property investment choices.

If you want to buy investment property with cash, do it when developers unveiled some of the first unit. The reason, this method is more advantageous because developers usually give discounts up to 10%. Understandably, they also need fresh funds.

However, be careful when buying property from developers, see in detail the developers track record. Do not let the property projects in the middle of the road after breaking down the affairs of payment of fine. Developers with long experience usually have a commitment to the better.

Well, if capital cash resources are limited, do not be too discouraged. You can still invest in the property sector by way of credit in the bank. Moreover, developers are usually already have a banking partner to a potential buyer or investor payment facilities through mortgage loans.

Just because the form of loans, of course there are various conditions that must be met. You must prepare if so workers paycheck, bank statement, and employment status. If milestones are met, you will also have a little patience to wait for approval from the bank to determine the feasibility of your credit application.

Let’s say, your capital already in hand and you want to buy a house, there are several ways to transact. Can be directly to the developer or seller, may also pass real estate broker. Two of these options there are advantages and disadvantages. By using a broker, you do not need to bother looking for a safe property. They already have a list of properties to choose from.

Compare if you want to buy their own. You should spend some time looking for properties being sold, directly check the condition and location. This method can also advantageous because you can negotiate directly with the owner or seller.

The important thing that is absolutely necessary in order to secure the transaction was to scrutinize and check a variety of important documents such as land certificates (certificate of ownership or right to build), building permits, if any buildings have copies of building blueprints, and skewer with a physical property.

Nowadays people are more likely to choose properties, especially apartment in midtown because it is closer to the center of the economy.

The key is the location which is also the basic principles of property investment. If the location is good, return of investment could reach 30% per year, even up to 60%, beating the stock index return.

Maximize Value

Yield is also influenced by other factors such as access to main roads, toll lanes, public transport networks or infrastructures. If it is available, confirmed the value of property owned will continue to rise. That is, you also must be smart to read the trend of development of the region around the location purchased.

Another way is to increase yields on the property rent it. That way, you need not bear the cost of care because the components are generally borne by the tenant. However, if you own property located in busy locations and want to use your own, you can maximize to open a business that fits with its surroundings.

Two of the above options are equally profitable. Besides being able to enjoy the profits due to price increases (capital gains), you can also the added advantage of fixed-income either from business or rental. But remember, if you use your own property a burden to be borne, particularly the cost of routine maintenance such as electricity, cleaning up the building maintenance.

That is, if a house or apartment is not the first property, more menguntungka if leased. But, even if you buy a property and then want to resell, the profits would not be too large. Therefore, the increase will not be drastic unless located in a specific location that has been growing rapidly.

Growth in property values ​​generally occur so quickly because the region is well established and mature.

Investing will be peaceful if you not buy a property that is in dispute. You also need to set up special funds for some expenses, ownership changing, until the land and building tax.