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At Home Birthday Dinner For Our (Adult) Daughter

birthday dinner for adult daughter

If you want to make a special birthday dinner for your adult daughter, you simply make her favorite foods. What a relief not to have to worry about coming up with a menu to fit a child’s party theme. (I get to watch my daughter do that herself since she’s the mom of three little boys. What DOES a Lightning McQueen fan eat?!)

My girl, Priscilla, has an early Spring birthday. Fortunately, that’s about when we’re ready to start grilling outdoors after a long Winter. And one of her favorite foods is beef shish kabobs. So, for our family celebration at home, that was our main course.

I cut up sirloin steaks for our kabobs and marinate them for at least 6 hours in Salamida State Fair Spiedie Sauce. Soooo good.

After the meat is marinated, I put the chunks on skewers with large pieces of red onion and colorful peppers. Until fairly recently, Priscilla was a pretty strict vegetarian. So she loves the veggies as much as the steak. (Before you ask, she was converted to meat-eating when she fell in love with and married a deer hunter.)

A favorite side dish of hers is the simple macaroni salad I raised her on. It’s just macaroni, light mayonnaise, a bit of mustard, and chopped yellow onion and green olives. It’s not even a recipe. There’s no measuring it. I’ve made it all my life, my mother made it all hers, and my grandmother made it her whole life. Priscilla can make it herself – she didn’t this time, but she can. To write the proportions on paper would be an unnecessary betrayal of our raising. We should probably start calling it “Sacred Family Macaroni Salad” as befitting our reverence for it. Here it is. Do you hear angels? We should probably start calling it Sacred Family Macaroni Salad as befitting our reverence for it. Click To Tweet

birthday dinner

To round out our birthday dinner, I served warm rolls with butter and lemonade.

And then, cake.

Please believe me when I say I’m not really a bad mother. But I made a box-mix cake. I had a good reason.

Priscilla loved the cake, but I really wanted the young children who would be celebrating with us to be pleased. And it’s true that when the littles are happy, their momma/aunty is happy. Nothing says “celebration cake” to my grands like sprinkles, so I made a Funfetti cake.

I did dress it up a bit by making four layers out of two 9″ round cakes. I filled between the layers with a mix of white chocolate pudding and Cool Whip. To top it off, I microwaved a container of Funfetti icing and poured about 2/3 of it over the cake – adding the sprinkles on top. Voila! Birthday cake!

birthday dinnerIt wouldn’t be right for me to tell my girl’s age, so I won’t.  ? But I love her with all my heart and am so blessed to be her Momma. And if I didn’t show her picture, I would be a bad mother.

birthday dinner

I hope Priscilla’s birthday dinner will be an inspiration for your at-home family birthday celebration.

birthday dinner