Those who are new amateur bloggers make many mistakes on their blogs. Running an amateur blog is not as easy a task as people think.

It just matters how they realize their mistakes and how they can prevent them in the future.

There are some common mistakes that many amateur bloggers do, if you also do these mistakes, then stop now.

Below we have mentioned 9+ Mistakes that every Amateur Blogger definitely does.

9+ Mistakes That Amateur Blogs Make

Below we have written 9+ mistakes that every amateur blogger does. And you should not worry, I did some of these mistakes when I started blogging.

Selecting a Free Blogging Platform

You can indeed start blogging by using free blogging platforms like but it will not give you success in the long term.

Starting blogging with a free domain is a big mistake, I would suggest you start your blogging career with a custom domain.

Custom domain has many advantages like it helps a lot in making your blog a brand.

Focus only on backlinks

There is a misconception in the minds of many bloggers that with the help of quality backlinks, it is possible to rank on the first page of Google.

I agree with this! But wait

At the beginning of blogging, you just have to pay attention to your content and try to write quality content.

And after 5 to 6 months when 40 to 60 articles are posted on your blog, then you should think about making more quality backlinks.

Comparison with other blogs

I have seen many bloggers comparing their websites with successful bloggers. Please guys don’t do this mistake at all.

Customizing your blog frequently can affect your traffic, so do not change the layout of your blog frequently by looking at other blogs.

Publishing content without keyword researching

I have seen many bloggers that publish their content without any keyword research.

But let me tell you that you should not make this mistake at all, before writing an article on any keyword, you must get its details.

You can use many tools for keyword research such as Ahrefs and SEMrush

Personally, the tool that I use is SEMrush and you can also use it, it is a very good tool for keyword researching.

Not being consistent on the blog

If you do not publish articles consistently on your blog, then the traffic on your blog will be reduced and it is often done by many amateur bloggers.

In blogging, you will have to update your articles regularly only then your blog will become successful.

Copying others’ content

Do you also copy and publish someone else’s article in your blog?

You should not do this at all.

Because if you want your article to be ranked on the first page of Google, then you have to write good quality content by yourself.

If you copy the content of others then Google Adsense will never approve your blog because it is against Google Adsense policies

Publish unique content on your blog as possible and increase your blog traffic.

Website design and layout

Which will be the first thing you notice upon visiting any blog? That is the design of that website.

The design of your website plays a huge role in reducing the bounce rate.

If your blog is clean and professional, then the visitors will have no problem in reading the content.

If you have a free theme on your blog and want a professional theme that gives the perfect design for your blog,

Forget social media platform

New amateur bloggers think that quality content is enough to rank in Google and they forget social media.

But wait!

Even if you write quality content, but how will your readers know about that content?

So you must share your latest content on social media so that some amount of traffic can come to your blog.

Relying on Google Adsense

Everyone knows that Google Adsense is a very famous advertising network in the world. But those who are amateur bloggers are fully dependent on it,

I just want to say that if your blog is not getting Adsense approval, then do not panic.

You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing on your blog and you can also use some famous Adsense alternatives

Give up too soon

Many bloggers get demotivated when they are not earning and they quit blogging.

Earning money from blogging is a long-term method. If you are thinking that you will become rich overnight, it is wrong.

In blogging, you have to work hard and be consistent on your blog. You have to believe in yourself and stay motivated all the time.

If you have a dream to become a successful blogger then fulfill it and do not give up at all, and work on the blog continuously.

Final thoughts on amateur blogs mistakes

If you make any of these mistakes then I want to suggest avoiding them because if you make these mistakes then your blog will never grow.

I hope this awesome article has answered all questions that you had on mistakes that amateur blogs make.

Those who have any questions in mind, please comment below. We are going to answer each question.

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