10 Precious Gifts For Your Husband

Gifts For Your Husband no money can buy

You love your husband like no man on Earth and want him to know it. You want to give him something. 

Here’s a list of 10 precious gifts that will touch his heart because they can’t be purchased with money and only you can give them.

Gifts For Your Husband

  1. Forgiveness. Have you been holding on to some past hurt your husband caused? It may be buried in a shallow grave in your heart, but you know it’s there and so does he. Dig it out and let it go.
  2. An apology. You may have done something that hurt your man and you’ve kept justifying it. Your justifications continue to hurt him. End it.
  3. Affirmation. Your words carry more weight with your husband that anyone else’s. The world may be against him, but if you are for him, that’s all he needs. Tell him you are for him and why.
  4. Ease his pain. Do that thing for him that he hates doing.
  5. Your body. You know your man delights in sex and you are his single option. Make him glad of it.
  6. Thankfulness. He needs to know that he, and what he provides for you, is enough. Give him a wife who is content. Purr a little. (Metaphorically)
  7. Time to himself. So many men have too much responsibility (work, grad school, service commitments, extended family issues). Give your husband a break. An afternoon to himself, to nap or be a couch potato, would be nice. You leave the house altogether.
  8. A love letter. You used to put your feelings for him in writing. Do it again.
  9. A public declaration of love. I’m not talking PDA that makes everyone uncomfortable. A Facebook post will do. Let him know, you want the world to know, you’re happy to be his.
  10. Control of the television remote for a week. My husband says this would be a great gift to any man, so I’m going with it. (Read: demonstrating respect for his input.)

These gifts for your husband are sure not only to touch but melt his heart. But if you’re determined to give a gift to wrap up, check out these ideas suggested by other men. 😉

gifts for your husband     gifts for your husband