10 Memory Making Back To School Traditions

back to school traditions

Your child’s return to school after a fun-filled summer needn’t be dreaded if the transition is offset with memory making back to school traditions.

These 10 ideas offer inspiration for the working mom, the stay-at-home-mom, the budget-conscious, and those inclined to splurge for the occasion. Modify according to your needs. So go ahead and customize one, or several, back to school traditions to suit your family. They’re sure to be a memory your child will cherish in later years as they recall your effort to make the day special....inspiration for the working mom, stay-at-home-mom, budget-conscious, and those inclined to splurge. Click To Tweet

Count Down Back To School Traditions

1. One week before school begins, take your student on a shopping trip for a new school outfit. Be it Gap or Goodwill, they’ll look forward to wearing their new clothes. You might extend the activity by including lunch in the outing.

2. The day before “the big day,” organize a backyard picnic for neighborhood kids. It could be BYOL (lunch), PB&J, hot dogs, or caviar on toast points – whatever your taste and budget. The kids are sure to have a bit of nervous energy in anticipation of the first day of school and a get-together would be a great outlet for it. And other moms will bless you.

3. Have a family “School Year’s Eve” celebration. Include whatever elements say “celebration” to your family. That might mean grandparents invited over for ice-cream-for-dinner in a dining room decorated with streamers and balloons. It might also include family prayer for the year ahead.

Day-Of Back To School Traditions

4. Give the morning of the first day of school a Christmas morning flavor. Let the kids open new backpacks  and discover the new school supplies. Include one needed supply that’s extra jazzy – like metallic colored pencils or a unique sharpener.

5. An older child might appreciate a “study buddy” to have nearby when they’re completing homework. This could be a new stuffed animal or action figure whose sole mission is to help keep your child on task during after school tasks.

6. Consider starting the first day of school with a special breakfast meal. It could be the pancakes you otherwise don’t have time to make, an apple-themed breakfast, or a drive-thru meal from a fast food joint. Just something out of the ordinary.

7. Take special pictures. Pinterest is loaded with ideas for pictures with individualized placards or your child lying next to a special sidewalk chalk drawing. You might even dress a kindergartener in a large sized t-shirt with “Class of 20__ “(whatever their anticipated high school graduation year) on it. They could wear this shirt for a picture every first day of school till then.

8. Give the child something to help them make friends. One of the biggest anxiety inducers for kids returning to school is the fear of not making friends in a new class. Send them with a few Jolly Ranchers or Tootsie Pops to help break the ice with someone.

After They’re Back To School Traditions

9. Some moms get together for a “Boo Hoo” breakfast after they’ve put their kiddos on the bus. Whether to cry tears of sadness or gladness is your call. And don’t feel guilty this suggestion isn’t centered on your child. Kids really do get a kick out of knowing the day is special for their mom too.

10. Kids have a lot to talk about when they get home from Day #1. Provide a special time for them to do that. Have a debriefing gathering around a fresh batch of cookies and milk – giving them your undivided attention.

back to school traditions