Wife Sense Is Taking A Brief Break

As mailing list subscribers of Wife Sense already know, I’m upping my homemaking game. Big time. Hubby and I bought the literal farm – and it’s a fixer-upper. There’s not an area (farmhouse, barn, pastures, outbuilding) that doesn’t need some TLC. It doesn’t look like the house above. It looks like the one below. Ugly, ain’t she?

But she’s got potential. The house sits on 5.5 acres of Kentucky bluegrass and backs up to a lake. (Can ya see it back there?) We’re already brooding chickens in the living room and are making plans to raise a few dairy goats and install orchards and gardens.

So far we’ve been able to work on the renovations at our leisure since we still had our home in the city to come home to – to relax, get clean, and sleep without laying our heads in construction dust. But the city house just sold and we have a month until¬†the buyers take possession.

Ain’t nobody can live in a bathroom that looks like this. So leisure mode is over. Ole Gar and I have to kick the farm reno into high gear. And that doesn’t leave time for writing and nurturing my sweet blog. And I refuse to just throw together shoddy posts. It wouldn’t be Wife Sense.

So I hope you’ll be patient until I can come back and give this blog – our blog – the attention it deserves. Should be about eight weeks, give or take. So look for new posts around the end of June. In the meantime, I’ll update this post with progress photos so you can see how it’s coming along.

Thanks so much for your understanding and patience till Wife Sense returns with country homemaking game.