Are You A Strong Woman Or A Woman Of Strength?

woman of strength

There’s a female body builder, at the YMCA where I go, who could probably take me and my two best friends together in a fight. She can lift more weight than a lot of men, and her biceps are bigger than my calves. She’s strong.

I knew a woman who was intellectually brilliant and didn’t suffer fools lightly. She knew she was smart and made sure, after your first conversation with her, that you knew it too. Most people were intimidated by her. She was strong.

I also have an acquaintance whose personality dominates a room upon entrance. She attaches a tractor beam to everyone’s attention and pulls it toward herself without the slightest bit of self-consciousness. It never fails. Strong, strong.

Each of these women exhibits iterations of strength, but none is a model of it in its completeness. There’s a difference between being a strong woman and being a woman of strength. The former possessing a dominating trait, the latter displaying layers of virtue.

A woman of strength is one who is internally confident in who she is, having her identity rooted securely. Therefore, she doesn’t rely on peers or culture to dictate her path and can, in fact, stand in polite opposition when she must.

A woman of strength faces reality and prepares for it. While she is hopeful for the best of circumstances, she is readied and steadied for the worst of them. When the worst happens, she has the emotional self-control to act with calm and purpose.

A woman of strength trains her gaze outside herself. She isn’t obsessed with self-examination but is a reliable resource for comfort and counsel for others. She doesn’t neglect self-care but understands a noble legacy is built by caring for others. And a  woman of strength also maintains an attitude of thankfulness. She is deliberately content and at peace with her lot.

Toned arms, a master’s degree, and a magnetic personality might be pluses to a marriage; but your husband needs a strong partner who will not wilt when life gets hard and whose life is not narcissistically oriented. He needs a woman of strength. Our society needs women of strength.

  • This is such a beautiful post! And so motivating and uplifting, too. I’m so glad I came across this. Thank you for sharing!

  • I’m definitely both of these, what I lack in physical strength I make up for in emotional strength.

  • Interesting read. I strive to be a woman with strength <3

  • I love this so much, and it’s an incredibly beautiful post that really illustrates how multifaceted women are and how many ways we can be strong in mind, body, and soul. Thank you much for sharing <3

  • What a great read, some interesting points you got there. Amazing post xx

  • sheandthewhale

    definitely agree! there seems to be many culture in the world promote fragile delicate figures for women, both mentally and physically which I think it’s about time to change!

  • I love this! This is the woman I want to be not only for my husband, but also for my son (and any future kids we might have.) I want to show our kids what self confidence and strength of character looks like so they can understand how to be that way, too 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Reading this was so timely for me. I’m striving to be a woman of strength.

  • This reminds me of a poem I heard at a women’s conference a couple years ago. It was about being a strong woman vs a woman of strength. I love how you put it. I don’t have strength of body. Definitely not much strength socially. And I’m pretty smart about a couple things, but I’m no genius. But I do consider myself a woman of strength (with lots of room to grow) in these other areas you mention. The more important areas, I think.

  • “A woman of strength trains her gaze outside herself.” Yes, yes, yes! Loved this post! Thank you so much for sharing and for the sweet reminder!

    • Alexandra T Armstrong

      You’re welcome, Lindsey. We all need the reminder from time to time. 🙂