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Thrifty Mantle Makeover

thrifty mantle makeover

A mantle is a focal point in any room that has one. You want to be intentional about styling it. Otherwise, it’s simply a place that collects remotes for your electronics, the dusty unity candle from your wedding, and random Willow Tree figurines.

But if shopping for objet d’art isn’t in your budget, you can probably come up with something great with other things you already own. That’s what I did to achieve a thrifty mantle makeover.

With a list of renovation/decorating to do’s in our new (to us) Louisville home, I wanted to save money where I could.  It wasn’t an option to simply transfer mantle decorations from the last house to this one because the last house didn’t have any fireplaces with mantles. But surely I could style this one for next to nothing if I used mostly things I already had.

Start With One Thing

The first thing I knew I wanted was a home motto in black lettering just below the actual mantle. I’d done it in a previous house (we’ve moved a lot.) I wanted it to be a reflection and daily reminder of our family’s priority. That was the big ticket custom item. I ordered it on-line for $30. It says: Live For The Glory Of God. Only it says it in Latin. We don’t actually speak Latin ’round the house, but we wants folks to think we got some smarts to us. We don't actually speak Latin 'round the house, but we wants folks to think we got some smarts to us. Click To Tweet

You may recall a previous post for which I amassed a collection of antique mirrors. I didn’t have the room to display them as a complete group in this smaller house; so what wasn’t scattered in a few, strategic places, was put in basement storage. I started there. I found and layered three mirrors of differing sizes and shapes offset to the right.

To balance the offset mirrors on the left, I purchased a $15 artificial (shhh) orchid. I looked around the house, pulling dust jackets off books until I found a couple that had beige covers. On top of those, I set a woven grass basket that Gary and I had bought as a vacation souvenir awhile back.

And that’s my ($45) thrifty mantle makeover. (It could be done for less. You can paint a custom phrase using craft store paint and letter stencils for about $10.)

mantle makeover

  • Such a great idea. I love the look of stacked mirror. So classic and homey at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  • Heather @FrenchPress

    love your mirror idea! and YES, and unstyled mantle is a remote collector for sure

  • Such a great idea! I love the vintage vibe of the mirrors plus the reflect light so they’ll make the area appear brighter and bigger

  • Larissa Joassaint

    We’re actually redoing our living room right now, and the mantle is part of the renovation. I love how you have the family motto right there. That’s such a great idea! I may have to bring that up to the fam and see how they feel about it 🙂 Such a cute and unique mantle! Nice job!

  • karyl henry

    Such a great idea! I love spending Saturdays at the thrift store, looking for stuff for my house. Sometimes you find the absolute best stuff there. I love how you were able to create a great mantle display for such little money