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Low-Stress After-Church Easter Lunch

It’s time to plan a low-stress Easter lunch. Aren’t you tired of the high-stress brunch? That’s the one where everyone comes home from church starving (including you), but you still have to bake all those pre-prepped breakfast casseroles and meat dishes. Brunch won’t be served till after noon.

So bag the baked ham with pineapple rings and cherries. Say adios to scalloped potatoes and roasted asparagus.  Here’s a low-stress Easter lunch menu that will go right from fridge to table after church. No heating or cooking! You’ll make the dishes the day before and they’ll be ready for the buffet table when you come home from church.Here's a low-stress Easter lunch menu that will go right from fridge to table after church. Click To Tweet

It’s not Easter without dyed Easter eggs. Or deviled eggs. Combine the two and give your buffet spread some real color by dying the eggs AFTER they’re peeled. Cut them in half, remove the yolks, and dye the whites just like you would in their shells. After you devil the yolks to your family’s taste, pipe them into the colored egg whites. They’ll look like this.


Caprese Salad Skewers are another eye-pleasing, tastebud-hugging appetizer. Drizzle a bit of balsamic glaze over these and they are amazing.

Another must-have for Easter is ham. And you want a pretty one – spiral sliced. The beauty of these is that they’re pre-cooked. Just serve as-is with some King’s Hawaiian Rolls and honey mustard.

Next, potato salad. Have to have that too. And of course, making it the day before only enhances the flavors. Here’s a recipe I’m sure you’ll like.

The potato salad must have another salad friend. So to get your greens and add more Spring color to your table, I recommend this spinach, strawberry, and asaperagus salad. Isn’t it beautiful? Wait till you taste it!

From Savory To Sweet

For the children in your family who like to load up on fruit, they’ll love it arranged like this.

Sweet tea will be perfect with this lunch menu. You can make it extra-special by adding a bit of flavored water enhancer. My secret trick.

But let’s not forget dessert! I plan to buy either a coconut or carrot cake at our local warehouse store. Not everything has to be homemade. With all there is to do, I’m taking cake off the list. But there is one more sweet for nibbling as the afternoon goes on. Bunny bark.

Bunny bark is quick and easy. Melt vanilla-flavored candy melts, spread on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, decorate, chill 2 hours, break apart, and watch it disappear!

This menu is exactly what I’m serving this Easter. I want to enjoy the day with my family and not be stuck in the kitchen. I’m not even doing dishes. Dollar store paper plates will do. And aren’t the carrot napkins sweet?

Happy Easter, my friends. He is risen!