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Bring Some Spring Into Your Home

bring some spring into your home

Happy Spring! The drab browns of cold winter days are giving way to the emerging pastels of warming Spring. Don’t let the pretty stay outside your windows. Bring some Spring into your home! Here are a few ways to do that inexpensively.

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Change your soaps

bring spring into your home

Changing your soaps out will add both color AND scent. So nice. If the man in your house objects to the annual “girlification”, ignore him. Β The manly-er spice and woodsy scents will be back in 6 months.

Pot a flowering plant

bring spring into your home

Transplant a flowering Spring plant into a permanent pot for long-lasting decoration. Violets and miniature roses are favorites. Bulb flowers like tulips and hyacinths are pretty and traditional, but short-lived. Booo.

Add a candle

bring spring into your home

You can count on Yankee Candle for seasonal spring scents. What does “Happy Spring” smell like? Light. Floral. Clean. (I’m giving this one away as a hostess gift when I visit a friend in a couple weeks. She’d slap me if I brought her chocolates since she’s dieting. And grumpy ’bout it. She’ll LOVE this instead.)

Emerge from social hibernation

bring spring into your home

Winter can be isolating. Bring in a real, live person! Invite a friend or neighbor over for a cup of tea to start your warmer weather socialization. Pull out your seasonal dishware. (Recognize the tea-cup, Mom?)

Anticipate the holiday

bring spring into your home

The big Spring holiday is Easter (or Resurrection Sunday as we call it at my house.) It’s time to bring out the decorations to commemorate the day. Like the folks who keep their Christmas trees up till February (I’m not one of those), I like to keep these decorations out awhile before and after the Easter holiday. So I choose decorations that have seasonal longevity – nothing too bunny-with-carrots.

Add fresh kitchen linens

bring spring into your home

Spring placemats and towels are great accessories to bring Spring to your kitchen and table. And there are SO many options. They’re instant brighteners for the most-used room in a house. (Yeah, there’s a bunny there. No carrot, though.)

Shop your house

bring spring into your home

Look for items around your house or in your storage area that suggest Spring and bring them to a more prominent place for display. The ceramic bird is normally on my porch; the cloche and nest on an upstairs bookshelf, and the greenery in the basement family room. For Spring, they’re gathered on the main level of the house. (They get to talk.)

Add a seasonal pillow

bring spring into your home

A Spring-themed pillow from a giant super store is an inexpensive way to change the mood of a guest room or family room. Bonus: I scored this seasonal pillow for $5 on a 75% off clearance display. I almost felt like a thief for paying only $5. Almost.

I hope these suggestions spark your enthusiasm to bring some Spring into your home. Here’s to warmer weather, pretty flowers, and Resurrection Sunday!

bring some spring into your home







  • Shane Prather

    Easter is the one holiday we don’t have much decor for. Need to change that and bring some pastel florals in!

  • themrick

    Love this perfectly timed post! Makes me want to go on a shopping spree right now.

  • JEN

    It feels like spring just reading your post and seeing all these amazing photos! Love your ideas!

  • These are great ideas! I love using seasonal candles. They get me excited about the coming season. Also, I’m in love with the idea of changing out your soaps. I usually always get the same hand soap, but mixing it up with fresh scents is a fantastic idea!

  • Rachel G

    I should really make some Easter decor for our apartment! I love having potted flowers in the home–my grandma has had those violets inside her home for as long as I can remember, they always remind me of her!

    • Alexandra T Armstrong

      Exactly, Rachel! Grandma knows violets last FOREVER. πŸ˜‰

  • I love hand soap that smells like spring! An upgrade in handsoap will definitely be a great {and cost effective} way to bring spring to your home.

  • So can I tell you, I just bought some new candles last night because i was like “i need some spring in my life!”. I bought so many. TJMaxx has none left from me! LOL

  • Love these ideas! I have already changed a few of my soaps and added a few Easter hand towels!

  • Kim

    That bunny teapot and ceramic bird are adorable. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE ceramic birds:)

    • Alexandra T Armstrong

      You GET it, Kim! πŸ˜‰

  • These are such great tips! I love bringing out my spring soaps and changing things up. I have a black thumb and kill everything so I opt for faux flowers. I love bringing them out to brighten up our home. There’s just something about the bright spring decor that makes my house so warm and homey.

    • Alexandra T Armstrong

      Ha! I have a black thumb when it comes to growing corn. This was especially embarrassing when I lived in Iowa. I’d drive past soy bean fields and see volunteer corn stalks in them as high as your eye. They grew accidentally and I couldn’t grow them on purpose! But, it pays to know our limitations. If faux flowers is what a girl has to do, it’s what she has to do. πŸ˜‰