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A Beautiful Solution To An Ugly View

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The window you see above is the window I see when I walk through the door of my master bathroom. It’s directly opposite the door and above a soaking tub. Not much to look at, agreed?

The problem isn’t the window itself. I’ve nothing against it. But the view of my neighbor’s brick house is an ugly view. It’s so ugly, I haven’t wanted to dress the window for fear of making it a focal point that would draw even more attention to the house that is justthisclose to us.

If I covered it completely with a shade, I’d lose the only source of natural light in the room. So I’ve ignored the window and been looking at the brick. Until last week. Last week I discovered Artscape Window Film * and it is the perfect solution!

I chose a pattern (New Leaf) that had lots of clear space so it wouldn’t block out too much light like some of the heavier patterns would.

I also liked the pattern because the clear space has swirled glass texture. Many of the patterns look flat. This one has the most “authentic” glass look. What do you think?

window complete with stained glass film

I think it’s SO beautiful. And easy to put up! It’s basically a giant sticker you cut to approximate size. Spray the window with water, peel the backing off the film, apply the film to the window, trim with a utility knife, and squeegee out any air bubbles. Presto!

solution to an ugly view before and after windows

What I didn’t expect was the extent to which it would transform the windows into works of art. I expected this solution would eliminate the brick house view. What I didn’t expect was the extent to which it would transform the windows into works of art. I just love coming in my bathroom now! Just one little problem. Not many people come in our master bathroom. So I bought another role of film and used it on a small stairwell window visible to anyone who comes in our front door.

solution to an ugly view stairwell window

I have to stop myself or my house will look like a cathedral.

If you think this could be a solution to an ugly view problem you have, or if you just want to turn a window into a piece of art, you can find this Artscape pattern here. *

*This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission for purchases made through this link. This is a product I purchased myself, use, and enthusiastically recommend.

ugly view



  • Willow

    What a great solution! It does look like a piece of art! I think we actually have some of this film laying around somewhere. My husband and I are guilty of buying things like this and never putting them up! I guess we aren’t very motivated when it comes to even the smallest projects!

  • Ha I thought this was going to be more pychological but I love that you actually changed you real VIEW. It looks great!

  • Wow!! I love it, reminds me of the gorgeous light that streams through the stained glass at La Sagrada Familigia in Spain. Beautiful!!!

  • This is beautiful! What a great idea!

  • Oh my goodness, I LOVE that. I feel like even without an ugly view, that’s gorgeous!