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His Huge TV Goes Where?!

The biggest fight of my marriage was about 2 years into it. Gary and I were building our first house and we clashed over, of all things, what color the shutters should be. He really wanted hunter green to go with the light yellow siding. I was positive they should be neat-as-a-pin white. Not proud of it now, but we shouted at each other over it. When we finally moved in, the shutters were white. Yeah, I won; but I was pretty sure I lost something too. We both vowed we’d never have another petty fuss like that.

Fast forward almost 20 years and we’re moving into another house. Gary said he had “just the spot” for his big-screen television – the focal point of the living room wall. He couldn’t be serious, I thought.  He was. I didn’t like it and said so. But I wasn’t going to have another “shutter incident”.

So Gary got his television where he wanted it and I got an idea. I went scouring for antique mirrors to cover the wall. By the time I was done, that television was no longer the big, black focal point and we got lots of compliments on our wall of mirrors. In fact, when we sold the house just 2 years later, the buyers wanted me to leave all the mirrors. (I didn’t. I pointed them to antique shops and Craig’s List instead.)

When we moved into the house, we had no idea we’d only be there 2 years. I’m so glad I didn’t go to war over the tv placement – which honestly, was the first real test of our vow to never fight over such things again. It was much more satisfying to know that ole Gar and I had grown up, and grown together. And we have 2 marriage vows that remain intact!