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10 Ways To Bring A Frugal Touch Of Fall Indoors

Now that the weather is cooling, I’m ready to bring a frugal touch of fall indoors. I love everything about autumn, but I save most of my decorating energy and budget for Christmas. Most of us can’t do it all, so we have to prioritize, right?

So here’s what I did this year. I hope it will give you inspiration to bring your own frugal touch of fall to your home.

Kitchen or Bath Towel

You can find seasonal towels at any department store. But you can also find them at the big craft stores where you can get 40% off coupons. This one came from JoAnn Fabrics. And yes, I used a coupon.

Seasonal Decor Do-dads

I love Hobby Lobby’s seasonal decorations – and the fact they go on sale shortly after they arrive. I picked up these sweet little do-dads and put them on a shelf in our powder room.

Fall-looking Candy

You can get great deals on fall candy at discount stores like Big Lots or Ollies. These are my favorites. Candy corn, not so much. I think that’s what the candy dishes in Hell have in them.Candy corn..I think that's what the candy dishes in Hell have in them. Click To Tweet

Blanket or Throw

This was another Hobby Lobby find. This wasn’t on sale so I used a 40% off coupon and made it so and got it for less than $10. Looks great on my couch.

Fragrant Hand Soap

You can find $1 soaps at a grocery or drug store sale. But you can’t find them in seasonal fragrances for that price except at the big craft stores. Got these at JoAnn Fabrics in Mandarin Spice, Honey & Almond, and Pumpkin Harvest. I use them in both my kitchen and powder room.

Autumn Scene Puzzle

I love working a puzzle at my dining room table on a rainy, Fall weekend afternoon with a football game that my husband is watching as background ambiance. You can find 1,000 piece puzzles at the best prices at the giant chain stores.

Season-themed Socks

When the cooler weather comes, it’s time to put away the sandals and keep your piggies warm in some socks. These seasonal socks add Fall and Fun to your life. From JoAnn. On sale. About $2.50 each.

Wall Art

You can’t get much more discount than a dollar store. That’s where this cute wall art came from. Yup, it cost $1. It’s cardboard (that’s what you get for $1) but you have to touch it to tell. I hung this layered over a large mirror above our fireplace mantle.

Ceramic Pumpkin

This little beauty is where I blew the wad. It was $25 at Hobby Lobby, but I used a 40% off coupon. Still, that’s more than any other single item and more than a few of them combined. I justified the expense because I won’t be buying a real pumpkin year after year. And it’s darling, too.

Silk Flowers

All the big craft stores will have fall foliage/silk flowers on sale. Just put a sprig or two in a little vase. And there you go.


So this candle is actually a summer clearance candle. But if the color works for Fall, why not? I’m going to put this one in my large hurricane candle holder (as soon as I can find it. Where is it hiding?!) with some popcorn kernels and a raffia bow.

Well, that’s my frugal touch of Fall. If you have any great ideas (really, just decent ones will do) share them in a comment so we can be inspired by you.

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