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10 Awesome Recipes For The Lemon Lover

My husband is a finicky eater. But put anything lemon-flavored in front of him, and he’ll eat it with his ears shaking. There’s something about sour that’s irresistible to my sweet man and the legion of others in his lemon lover tribe.

So for all of those who can’t get enough of that wonderful tart flavor, here’s a round-up of 10 awesome recipes for the lemon lover. Click on the title links for the recipes. Seriously, there’s enough lemon here to put them in a euphoric coma. Seriously, there’s enough lemon here to put them in a euphoric coma. Click To Tweet

Veal Picatta

This recipe, from My Recipes, is one of our family favorites – served over angel hair pasta. Top 5, easily. And we make it at least once a month, though more frequently with chicken than veal. (Gotta watch that food budget!) I’m pretty sure it’ll make your top 5, too.

Glazed Lemon Shortbread Cookies

I made these fabulous cookies, from Jen at Bakerette, exactly one time. The batch didn’t last 2 days. Until my husband family can exhibit some self-control, I’ll keep holding out on this one. Then again, his birthday is coming up.

Roasted Potatoes With Garlic, Lemon, & Oregano

This recipe is a simple traditional Greek dish that goes superbly with roasted chicken. It’s a recipe I found at Epicurious (credited there to Aglaia Kremezi). Different and delicious!

Classic Lemonade

This classic lemonade recipe from Melanie Cooks is just the thing to serve on a warm summer day. If your kids sell it from a lemonade stand, it’ll sell out from word of mouth. And they’ll make a fortune.

Sheet Pan Honey Lemon Salmon

This recipe, from Averie Cooks, has nearly 11,000 repins on Pinterest. And salmon is not tilapia. So it’s got those two things going for it right there. And of course, there’s lemon!

Lemon Zucchini Bread

I included this recipe for lemon zucchini bread in a previous post on 10 flavors of zucchini bread. And it did so well, I thought it deserved a repeat. I know I keep making it!

Best Ever Lemon Curd


Lemon curd on warm biscuits with tea is what they serve in Heaven for breakfast. I’m sure of it. Click To TweetLemon curd on warm biscuits with tea is what they serve in Heaven for breakfast. I’m sure of it. This recipe from Stacy at Wicked Good Kitchen is the best. But what I also love about this recipe post is all the learnin’ she’s packed into it. You’ll know why it turns out so good.

Chinese Lemon Chicken

Everyone loves Chinese Orange Chicken, but it’s at every take-out place. So shake it up at home with this great lemon version I found at Thirty Handmade Days (contributed by Sabrina from Dinner, Then Dessert.)

Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie

I am obsessed with this pie! I’ve probably made it five times in as many months. The recipe comes from Nikki at Chef In Training. It’s soooo good, you’ll need a 12-step program to recover. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Spaghetti with Mascarpone, Meyer Lemon, Spinach, and Hazelnuts

I started this lemon lover round-up post with pasta and I’ll end with another pasta dish. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I’m about to. There’s nothing in it I don’t love – including being different. If you’re looking for something new, this is it. And the recipe is in the title!